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24 March 2012 @ 10:13 pm
Hello! And a Link to a Garrus Essay!  
Where did everyone go? I can't be the only one still pining after Garrus. Especially since the romance was awesome in ME3! In fact, it was so awesome I just wrote a mini-essay thingy about it on my journal. You can read it here! It is safe for work, sadly.

I'd love to see fan art, fic, etc. from ME3 here, too! Thanks and I hope to see you Garrus fans around.
Jedi Knight Revan: {Mass Effect} Shepard/Archangelthe_lady_revan on March 25th, 2012 06:12 am (UTC)
I still check in, but I rarely find stuff that hasn't already been posted in the main Mass Effect blogs :(

Since I haven't got to my Garrus-romance playthrough yet I keep hoping others will post stuff since I hear Garrus has a amazing romance with Shepard in ME3.

Plus, I know a lot of people that were members have stopped using LJ altogether.

I really hope posting pics up.
Banana Cave: Mass Effect: Archangelbanana_cave on March 25th, 2012 07:36 pm (UTC)
It is amazing! I'll have to think of a coherent post to write here. All my brain is thinking is "Garrus Garrus tee hee Garrus"
Ashiyaashiyaleni on June 15th, 2012 10:45 am (UTC)
Hello. Sad to see this place so empty. If people left LJ where did they go? Tumblr?
Well I haven't been here in a LONG TIME. I tend to stay away from fandom these days. It's just... some stuff happened at Bioware's facebook page when my art got posted there (I had some good and some very bad comments), and I got into arguments about all sorts of things with some fans a bunch of times in different situations... then became very very jaded wit Bioware after the ME3 ending (though I haven't been a fan of theirs since DA2 really).
Also I've become kinda picky with fanworks. I've always been that way but it never bothered me before. I must be in a bad phase... haven't been drawing much either :(

Anyway I thought the romance was incredible in ME3 as well - I just have a few problems with the lack of dialogue overall that Mass Effect games have and this seems more annoying in ME3 to me: Garrus says Shep seemed to have some doubts about them, but I was trying to get him to reunite with her the whole game and he wouldn't really! So that annoyed me. Most of the time he, as well as all the squad, would talk between each other and you couldn't reply - you just got told "later" Annoying. When Shep did talk it was auto-dialogue I couldn't pick my lines :( Also how come Shep doesn't even know about his family? How come you can get to know characters so much better in Dragon Age Origins than in 3 Mass Effect games? Bah.
But other than that (and the Tali romance - it seems forced to me, made just so they wouldn't be alone - also ruined my TalixReegar mance. But hey I'm biased.) the romance was amazing. Even him being clueless about Dr Michel was cute lol. (I just wish we could SAY SOMETHING though). I do wish he said "I love you" back to Shep but I headcanon that offscreen.

I'll post sketches if that's okay? As soon as I have them. Not toooo ME3 specific - I love Garrus in it but I don't like the drama of that game too much.
I also have some old sketches I never posted here because they are some really sketchy sketches.
Banana Cavebanana_cave on June 17th, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
Yeah I'm not much into fandom these days either, but I love Garrus so much! Well, thanks for the comment! I think they had to scale back dialog due to making the game more cinematic and having voices for both M and F Shep, and it was on 2 disks already. Hopefully technology will continue to improve (or be used better) and we can get more dialog and better graphics and better gameplay.
Ashiyaashiyaleni on June 17th, 2012 07:21 am (UTC)
There has always been a fully voiced M and F Shep though XD and ME3 is a LOT shorter than ME1 and 2, with barely any exploration and side missions. There is also barely any roleplaying and and the plot was...poor. The Witcher 2 kicks this game's ass, with cutscenes and all XD So I believe what happened is the same reason for the ending/plot/deux-ex-machinima/spacemagic: the game was rushed and Bioware is trying to appeal to too many people which is something that never works. ("continue the game by buying DLC!"...smooth, Bioware)
Plus you just DON'T scale back dialog, aka ROLEPLAYING, in a ROLEPLAYING GAME to make cutscenes, unless it's Final Fantasy >_> And ME1 and 2 had many custcenes (just not in 3 colors :P)

The reason for 2 disks is multiplayer, remember that ME2 had 2 disks too, and no multiplayer. ME2 was much more polished, longer and full of sidequests with planet landing, + loyalty quests for all squad members (which were many more D: ) + paragon and renegade interrupts which are rarely used in ME3.
To me this shows that this is another way multiplayer took away from single player.

And I was thinking, maybe people are turned off about the ending and that's why they left? I know a lot of fans who feel that way. But give it some time, when the Extended Cut comes out people will be thinking about the game more. (Not that I expect it to be good D| ) Right now I think most people are waiting on it. I prefer to headcanon and pretend some stuff didn't happen, my mind is more reliable than Bioware at this point XD

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