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We Could Test Your Reach and my Flexibility

There's nobody in this galaxy I respect more than you.

~*~ Reach & Flexibility ~*~
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Reach & Flexibility - A Shepard/Garrus Fan Journal

[About Us]

Welcome to Reach and Flexibility! This is a fan-journal for all of your Shepard and Garrus needs.

Whether you 'ship them as close friends, soldiers in arms, or as more this is the right place for you. We welcome both het and slash. That means both maleShep and femShep are allowed.

Members are encouraged to post and share videos, pictures, interviews, magazine scans, icons, graphics, fan fics, etc. and are more than welcome to talk about the Mass Effect universe. We just ask that you try to keep our duo as the main focus of the comm.


No bashing! This is a fan site. Don't like the game? Then this is not a place for you. Controlled rants about annoyances is fine but let's not start any flame wars.

1.) All spoilers MUST be clearly stated and behind a lj-cut*.

2.) Put any large posts, including picspams, multiple videos, long articles or interviews, etc. behind an lj-cut.

3.) When posting icons or any kind of graphics, only put a preview in the entry. The rest should go under a cut.

*Need Help with LJ-Cuts?

I'm a easy going mod, so don't be afraid to post.

Profile Layout * Journal Layout * Header Art * Mini Icons

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